About Us

Hello, I’m Mayang Jacobs and welcome to the Teacup Dog Daily a site about various Teacup dog breeds. Here in Teacup Dog Daily, we cover Teacup dog breeds like the Chihuahuas, Maltipoos, Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians and Shih Tzus. These Teacup dog breeds are currently one of the most popular dog pets and if you’re a dog owner or dog lover, it’s important to know some info about the dog. The topics in Teacup Dog Daily sites covers information about a certain Teacup dog breed (like the Maltipoos), how to take care of the health if said dog, a list of various Teacup dog breeds, what kinds of food are best served to the dogs and some pictures of these adorable little guys. Having fun reading my Teacup Dog Daily site as well as learning a bit about the lovable Teacup dog breeds.


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